If you are unemployed, we can pay you $500 per month for up to six months in addition to your state unemployment benefits… AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY IT BACK

Financial problems are so debilitating they can even cause medical problems. That’s why we added our Medical Advice plan to give you the answers you need from actual medical doctors. We can help.

If you are having financial problems, you
need legal advice more than ever. With
PAYMENT GUARDIAN you will have access to legal advice from attorneys in your area. A $300 + value.

Our counselors can negotiate a repayment plan with your Creditors that you can afford. An attorney would charge over $2500.00 for this service and it’s included in your membership.

Adding Payment Guardian to your contracts can significantly mitigate financial risks for your business. By incorporating a robust payment protection plan, you ensure that even during economic downturns or individual financial hardships, the continuity of payments is maintained. This safeguard protects your cash flow and reduces the likelihood of defaults, maintaining a healthy financial status for your company. It allows you to plan and invest with greater confidence, knowing that your income is secured against unforeseen payment disruptions. You can also collect $79.80 for every one of your employees or anyone in your client list that signs up for our membership. And Make Money helping people solve their personal problems.

Payment Guardians can be customised and included in your contracts so your business monthly payments are protected.

Non-Profits, Businesses and Churches Collect $79.80 For Each New Member. ( 2 months membership Fee)

You can call to customize the job loss benefits to suit your needs while expanding your benefits offerings to your clients by using our membership

You can include Payment Guardians in your contracts so that payments are made to your business helping you avoid default loans.

Transform your fundraising efforts while empowering your community and helping them in their time of need.

Help your community by offering them ways to help themselvesin times of need while super charging your fundraising efforts.

If your business offers payment plans, offer them Payment Guardians as well and help them protect their investment while magnifying your income.

Using Payment Guardians can help your clients avoid foreclosure by offering them our. membership. Benefit amount can be customised.

Collect $79.80 for every client that signs up for our membership. Helping them in their time of need with our amazing benefits. (Refer to the benefits list for benefits)

Inflation is leaving many americans financially struggling and looking for a side hustle. Members can create a recurring income introducing the membership to others.